B2B Agri | You are born as a leader or you become a leader?
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You are born as a leader or you become a leader?

Leadership is something that many people aspire to, but we also expect that from our superiors. It is fundamental to have a good work environment and that our boss is a good leader. And also for the boss to have the ability to influence his team and transmit motivation and enthusiasm. The issue is: do we all have the skills to be in charge of a project? There are those who defend the theory that you are born as a leader. That one is born with innate aptitudes and a certain predisposition to have great responsibilities and solve problems. The characteristics that stand out in the good leaders are adaptability, enthusiasm, positive mind, self-confidence, commitment, good communication. Being a reference for the people who work for us, is the key that tells us that we are on the right track. Those who defend the position that leaders are made, are based on training, experiences and the example of the bosses that he had. Today there are many more possibilities for study and prepare to be a leader. It is essential to have feedback with the team work, to know what is being done well and what aspects should be improved. A good leader consists of effort, taking responsibility, making decisions and solving problems. It will be a personal opinion if it is done or born, but what is clear, that a good leader also falls apart. It is a permanent job and you never have to take it for granted, if we want our project or company to work and be successful.

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