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We know how to grow your B to B Agribusiness. We have done it before and we are prepared to make your business boost. Expertise and proximity to make the right decisions.


Growth opportunities are everywhere. We can find the way to expand your business and connect you with most relevant executives in seed and trait companies around the globe, help you plan your next step for growth consistently.


Having a strategy is just the first step. Success only comes with excellent execution. We know how to train your teams and help you align your organization to meet your growth needs.


We partner with ec2ce to bring to your agri-business the latest artificial intelligence techniques and uncover the potential knowledge behind your historical data. Predictions, scenarios, and smart decision making tools right at the tip of your hand.



General Management

  • Building your Business Plan
  • Change management and organization
  • Strategy development

Product Management

  • Portfolio return of investment
  • Life cycle management strategy
  • Strategic alliances, “in and out License strategy”

Growth Strategy

  • Investment analysis
  • M&A
  • Risk Management


Pricing strategy

  • Customized price analysis design to maximize opportunities for sustained growth
  • Elasticity analysis and impact in market share
  • Business targets definition, pricing strategy, defensive strategies and pricing methodology
  • Profit maximization in the short and long term combining price, volume and market positioning

Distribution Strategy

  • “Go to market” analysis and design, to improve physical and quality coverage
  • Improving integrated solutions and experience delivery to final customer
  • Channel evolution: from sales force to strategic partners
  • Channel training on consolidations in all parts of the value chain, regulations, traceability, and technology stewardship

Positioning and communication

  • Differentiation strategy
  • Media analysis and efficacy measurement
  • Communication consistency
  • Strategic alliances with customers and/or providers from US or Europe



  • System diagnosis and production modeling. Theoretical capacity vs. actual capacity; bottleneck analysis and development of alternative ways of production
  • Organizational Designs, strategic integration within Company areas to leverage operational improvement, supply reliability, and cost savings
  • KPI definitions, follow up and control models.  Implementation of Continuous Improvement Practices
  • Cost analysis and improvement proposals for each business model
  • Executive internal and external reporting

Planning & sourcing strategic alliances

Planning system diagnosis and inventory efficiency use

  • Available planning tools
  • Short and long term planning, definition of growth alternatives that adjust best the demand and supply balance
  • Detection of inventory use optimization opportunities
  • Ways to increase supply and demand planning accuracy and reliability

We provide our expertise in the seed business, advisory for the creation of strategic alliances with germplasm suppliers and licensees, on the field research & development activities and winter production services for seed companies around the globe


Co-founder of b2b-agri, Pablo is a Strategist and Marketing Leader in the agribusiness arena with focus on Seeds, Biotechnology and Crop Protection.  With more than 25 years of service at Monsanto Company and Bayer CropScience both in LAS and the US, he has developed a strong network and positioning in the industry, achieving the Presidency at MAIZAR and vice presidency at ASAGIR.  To learn more about Pablo´s achievement click on the icon below.

Co-founder of b2b-agri, Julio is a Global Operation Leader with both a strong technical and management background in the agribusiness arena with focus on Seeds and Biotechnology.  With more than 18 years of service at Monsanto Company in LAS, US and LAN, he has developed a strong knowledge and positioning in the manufacturing seed industry.  To learn more about Julio´s business and academic achievement click on the icon below.

Associate partner of b2b-agri, Jean-Francois is a Leader with strong commercial, management and strategy background in the agribusiness and digital arena.  With more than 2 years as CEO of Bluenest Argentina, and 14 years of service at Monsanto Company in LAS in planning, sales and marketing, he has developed a strong knowledge in the agribusiness industry.  To learn more about Jean-Francois business and academic achievement click on the icon below.


We have a technology able to combine the treatment and analysis of Big Data. With the creation of Predictive Models that can be integrated in the Customer’s Risk Management tools. And be used to support Decisions.


USA MAY 2017

During May 16 to 27th 2017, we launched our first “B2B-Training Program course”.  This time, we traveled to the US corn belt to focus on the latest Integrated Weed  Management tools for resistant weeds.  Participants: Bayer CropScience, Monsanto, Man Agro SA, Lartirigoyen y Cía S.A. , CRESUD SA, Agroterra SA, Prograno, Anta del Dorado and NOVA LABORATORIOS.

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