Our Services

We are part of the transformation of our clients, so that their organization adopts strategic direction, operational order, leadership attitude and internal culture, to be winners in the ever-evolving agribusiness market.

1. Strategic plans

a. Vision, Mission and Culture
b. Market research and trends
c. SWAT 1 y 2
d. Strategic objectives
e. Strategic and action plan
f. Financial analysis

2. Product management

a.Portfolio profitability
b. Product life cycle strategy
c. Strategic Alliances, licenses

3. Investment and growth analysis

a. Economic and financial results
b. M&A
c. Risk management

4. Strategic marketing

a. Pricing and distribution strategy
b. Communication and positioning

5. Human resources management
1. Planning and Production

a. Process Mapping (Materials and information Flow)
b. Detection & Prioritization of Opportunities
c. Ideal vs. Current Process
d. Improvement Plans towards the Ideal Process
e. Analysis tools and Digitalization
f. Formalization of documents and decisions making tools
g. Metric System and KPI Implementation
h. Implementation of continuous improvement process in
the Short and Long Term
i. Supervision and professional support in the implementation of the new plans and initiatives

2. Sales and Operations Process (S&OP)

a. Costumer oriented planning
b. Inventory Management
c. Cost reduction process
d. Product Pipeline management

3.On the Job Training

a. Staff capacitation on the job by a group of experts adapted to the company needs

1. Build Digital Talent & Culture

a. Digital and technology assessment
b. Analytic mindset
c. Digital transformation
d. IT Advisory

2. Business Intelligence

a. Dashboard
b. Data Models & Catalog
c. Advance Analytics & Machine Learning

3. Process Discovery & Transformation

a. Process Mining
b. Process Improvement
c. Process automation

4. Development of digital technologies

a. People Analytics
b. E commerce
c. IoT
d. Artificial intelligence
e. Blockchain

1. Mergers and acquisitions

a. Business valuation
b. Strategic recommendations
c. Identification of potential

2.Organic and Inorganic Growth

a . Valuation of investment projects
b. Analysis of scenarios and contingency plans
c. Management and risk management

3. Budget and Management Control

a. Budget processes (structuring and support)
b. Results Tracking (Actual Vs Budget)
c. Quarterly forecasts
d. Impact analysis and mitigation strategies
e. Evaluation of the accounting and administrative structure
f. Systems level improvements (ERPs, BI, budgeting tools)

4. Strategy, Analytics and M&A