Aristotle, the influencer

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According to Carmine Gallo in a statement in an interview with Warthon, after writing a book, the secret of being a great communicator is being like the eternal Aristotle. And what did this Greek philosopher have that we want to be like him? He was the king of persuasion. Today, the weapon we need to have, if we want to generate more value, is persuasion. Gone are the speed or knowledge; but interpersonal communication skills are fundamental.

In his book, Gallo tells that he spoke with many historians, economists, businessmen and venture capitalists and they all manifest the same theme: in this age of artificial intelligence, globalization, automation, what can differentiate you from your “competitors” is to be a master in the ancient art of persuasion. Combining words and ideas to ignite people’s imagination is gold dust. Obviously you have to have all the resources mentioned before, but the art of speech will differentiate you from the rest.

We have to be like Aristotle, today more than ever, leaders must be able to enthuse people about a vision and take them on that journey. That is a skill that makes people unique.

It seems that Aristotle was an advanced one, and he demonstrated us, many years ago, that the art of the persuasion, is fundamental for success. Be a carpenter, an economist, an agronomist or a salesman. Does not matter. What matters is that you want to be successful, and be convinced of what you do or sell, it is the best.

The rhetoric of Aristotle is based on ethos, pathos and the logo. Ethos is the credibility that you can have as a speaker or disseminator. The Pathos refers to the ability of your words to generate emotions in the audience and the Logos refers to the world of logic and reasoning. It is everything that reinforces your message from the reason.

Many times we run into executives who have the best content and a great power point, but they can’t empathize with the audience, they can’t transmit the idea with passion, so the content loses value. If we do not have content, we have nothing; but if we do not have this “art of persuasion”, the content is devalued.

Aristotle, thank you for your wisdom that we are still trying to imitate today.


Camila Ogallar

b2b-agri Dircom

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